Developing Your Inner Guru

Stick or twist? Stop or go? Making business decisions can feel like a step into the dark sometimes and leave you wondering if you’re going to plunge headlong into a financial abyss or into something altogether more enticing. Unless you have the gift of seeing into the future, there can be no way of telling for sure what’s going to happen but is there such a thing as business sense?

If you’re setting up on your own for the first time, it’s a leap of faith and you might make one or two questionable decisions during those early days. The stakes only start to get much higher the further along you go, so how do you avoid the snakes and climb the ladders? We’ll show you how to develop your inner business guru and make decisions that boost your business rather than harm it.


For so many of us, the idea of making small talk in a room filled with strangers is torture but making contacts, particularly with people in the same boat as you, can help you to develop some sharp instincts. Don’t be afraid to quiz them on their decision-making processes, what’s worked and what hasn’t. If you can gain any insight into their practice, then use it to your advantage.

If you build a strong enough network, you might even be able to call on them for advice when it comes to crunch time and decisions need to be made, just be willing to extend that same courtesy.

Join up

In a similar vein to networking, joining business associations can feel like a waste of time and money but the discounts you’ll receive on services such as accounting and legal could be well worth the investment. Not to mention the networking events you’ll be invited along to. Think of it as an investment and a direct line to business professionals such as Jozef Opdeweegh.

Talk to staff

Yes, you’re the boss and you call the shots but even a business guru knows that investing in your staff is the way to create a loyal and committed team and more than that, a productive team.

Make sure you keep them in the loop about the business decisions you’re making. You don’t, of course, need to justify your actions but making your team feel a part of whatever it is you do, will give them a sense of ownership. Ask them for their opinions and make sure each member is fully playing to their strengths and in the right job role.

Being the boss can be hard and it can be tough especially when faced with decisions that seem overwhelming. Gaining as much knowledge as you can from those who’ve already been there is a sure-fire way of creating an inner business guru whose instinct you can trust to take your business and your team on to bigger and brighter successes. Trust that little voice inside you and always make the right decisions for you and your business.


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