Technology has made a massive impact on business and the insurance industry is no exception. The majority of tech news will point to mobile technology, virtual reality, augmented reality, cloud, the internet of things and chatbots. There is a very real opportunity in driving social media relationships as a broker.

There is good news for brokers in today’s connection economy. Your relationship building skills are the competitive edge you need to succeed in a digital economy. As the digital world facilitates more and more human connections it’s your ability to leverage these connections that will lead you towards success.

Add to this the prevalence of fake news and we find ourselves in an environment that we need relationships of trust to help us decipher the good content from the fake content. In a world of information overload, the world needs trusted advisors, curators, and editors to help them make decisions. Your product knowledge, people skills, persistent high energy and honest personality are the things that bought you success to date and they will serve you well in the digital economy.

In taking yourself online we would advise the following steps to getting the most out of your digital presence.

Choose a Platform

We get caught up in thinking we need to be everywhere, we don’t. We need to choose a platform where our customers are, where we feel comfortable expressing our opinion and where the type of content we produce matches the technology of the platform.

It’s obvious to choose a platform where our audience is, but it’s less obvious to pick a platform that we are comfortable with. If we are not comfortable we will not prioritise or enjoy our online presence and on that basis alone it will fail.

Finally choose your medium. If you’re a writer, choose a writing platform. A speaker could speak on camera and then load the videos to Facebook and YouTube. If you’re an off-the-cuff person, then using the live video features on Facebook, snapchat and Instagram may be better for you.

Start a Conversation

This is key. Look for ways to start a conversation. Don’t simply put content out to be consumed. Open the door for conversation, encourage participation by responding to everyone who comments. It’s these two way conversations that open doors to opportunities.

Help Someone

Helping people is the best way to approach a digital world in the business to business arena. It’s a great way to start/join conversations. It shows your value and positions you as an expert.

Write about things that matter to others, not simply what you hope to sell.

Build Trust

Trust is the currency of relationship and the good news is that you can build trust online. To do so focus on producing content that improves your credibility in the industry, showcases your reliability and creates a closer connection with your audience. Then make sure you keep your self-promotion to a minimum, no one likes the arrogant guest at the party telling everyone how great she is.