Feedback like this make my work worthwhile

A few weeks ago I presented at a clients Sales Conference. We structured the presentation in such a way that each attendee received a copy of my book “The Five Year Mark” and I presented my latest presentation Love Your Work.

As usual I asked for feedback and got this in my inbox a few days later:

Apologies we couldn’t touch base after your interaction with my team, but keeping 50 sales consultants interested, and engaged for a day, does not allow for much break time in-between sessions.

The feedback after the session was fantastic, however I must be honest, usually the immediate response is good but wanes off  over the next couple of days with this type of event.

Hence the reason why I’m so chuffed sending this message to you, I think giving the team a copy of your book The Five Year Mark and the way the managers have been referring to chapters in it has given us a longevity of impact I haven’t been able to replicate before.

However here is the kicker ! On Friday, one of our admin staff, who also received a copy of the book, asked if he could have a meeting with me. He recounted how he had been moved to action after reading your book over a weekend basically in one continuous reading marathon. His goal is now to become a sales consultant and not just work in the sales admin department, seeing the fire in his belly, what else can I do but to facilitate this.

From a business perspective, I think your session and book was a well worth investment in the team, moreover from a personal one, thank you for reminding me again about why I do what I do.


Reubin Pienaar – Sales Manager

Blue Security

Its feedback like this that makes what I do worthwhile. If you would like to explore how we can achieve similar results in your business please contact me. I would love to see more people taking control of their happiness at work.


Trying to unpack the point at which people and technology meet. One step at a time.

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