Standard Banks Approach to Social Media (Interview)

I have the opportunity to interview a few key business people inside South Africa top businesses. A few weeks ago I released the Deloitte interview which was very insightful. Today I am proud to present my interview with Bellinda Carriera, the Interactive Marketing Head at Standard Bank Group. I have been very impressed with Bellinda’s keen insight into social media and how it should be brought into the marketing function. I hope you enjoy the interview. 1) How has Standard Bank dealt with the communication shift presented by social media? Have there been any organizational or structural changes? We have integrated social media into various aspects of our marketing and communications. We understand that social media is multifaceted and that you can’t just use it for marketing purposes, you have to deal the full spectrum e.g. create and manage your own platforms as well as listen and monitor your brand everywhere. We have therefore incorporated social media marketing into our Digital Marketing team, it is an integrated part of their digital marketing strategies for all campaigns that they are involved in. We have then also created a specific unit to deal with Social Media strategy, platform creation and management as well as our Online Reputation Management Programme. This unit uses our Social Media agency as well as a large network of contacts internally to manage the content on our social media platforms as well as deal with any reputational and/or servicing issues in the social media space. So, in summary, yes, there have...

Does social media affect mobile marketing in South Africa?

There is so much to say here, but I will leave you with one of my most important observations. Social Media is the platform that companies can use to engage their mobile audience! ALL social media websites are mobile ready and they present a product to our consumers that is so integral to their daily lives. A communication vehicle. Especially Facebook and MXIT who offer that communication with more people than any other network in South Africa. Couple this thought with Authur Goldstucks research: “The findings suggest, on the surface, that more than half of urban cellular users – 8.5-million – are capable of accessing e-mail on their phones, and as many as 60% – 9.5-million – are able to browse on their phones. The implications of these numbers are significant: in one fell swoop, they would turn the SA Internet user base from the 5.3-million reported by World Wide Worx at the end of 2009 to 9.6-million. Add Instant Messaging to the mix, and the total becomes 10.56-million – exactly double that of the Internet user base at the end of last year.” Goldstuck also says ““The truth is, many people with these applications on their phones do no use them and do not even know how to use them,” says Goldstuck. “It is clear that the cellphone has the potential to take South Africans across the digital divide, but the phones themselves need to become more user-friendly, and a vast amount of consumer education is needed.” With national...

GivenGain for Non Profit Organisation internet marketing

GivenGain offers you the opportunity to act, connect and communicate your passions and missions with your world. Your actions give the world the opportunity to see you, talk to you and donate money to your cause. This network is basically a network of philanthropists who would like to support worthy causes in any way they can. The network allows you to setup a profile with details of your organisation. Once the organisation is setup you are able to create projects that you need funding for. GivenGain members are able to promote your projects for you by becoming activists. Activists essentially take ownership of generating interest and funding for the project. The good news is that you can have multiple activists for a project. The biggest benefit for South African Non-Profit Organisations GivenGain opens up a credit card payment gateway for your organisation. You are then able to take donations from almost anywhere in the world through your GivenGain profile. Even non-GivenGain members can donate via credit card using the facility. I would easliy suggest that all South African non-profit organisations make use of this new social network, even if it is just for the payment facility. At just under $70 a month it almost seems a no-brainer. To find out more about how to implement GivenGain and other social media platforms into a complete Non Profit Organisation internet marketing strategy please take a look at our presentation Social Media for Social Good.

Internet Marketing for Non-Profit Organisations

Here’s the dilemma, people don’t use google to search for non-profit organisations to donate money to. The solution: Online marketing for Non-Profit Organisations needs to revolve around community. Enter social media!! Social media offers an opportunity for organisations to promote their cause to a wide variety of people on a technological platform that speeds up the process of “word of mouth.” This technology (facebook, twitter etc) has made it easier to spread your message wider and garner support from groups of people that are not in your physical network. The real power of social media comes in when your support base is no longer geographically constrained and you are able to promote your message across borders. Further to this, as your support base grows it does so with an atmosphere of excitement because it is spread organically and naturally. In other words, people love the work you do and they love to tell everyone else. So how do you market your non-profit organisation online. Build a social media platform and strategy to distribute your message to the public Invite like-minded people to the platform and encourage them to spread the message to their networks Create actionable elements to your campaigns that achieve the results you’re looking for Repeat steps 1-3 The best way I can describe what you are doing when marketing your non-profit in social media is with this analogy. It’s like giving your message to the people in your world, neatly gift-wrapped, so that they can tear it...

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