GivenGain for Non Profit Organisation internet marketing

GivenGain offers you the opportunity to act, connect and communicate your passions and missions with your world. Your actions give the world the opportunity to see you, talk to you and donate money to your cause. This network is basically a network of philanthropists who would like to support worthy causes in any way they can. The network allows you to setup a profile with details of your organisation. Once the organisation is setup you are able to create projects that you need funding for. GivenGain members are able to promote your projects for you by becoming activists. Activists essentially take ownership of generating interest and funding for the project. The good news is that you can have multiple activists for a project. The biggest benefit for South African Non-Profit Organisations GivenGain opens up a credit card payment gateway for your organisation. You are then able to take donations from almost anywhere in the world through your GivenGain profile. Even non-GivenGain members can donate via credit card using the facility. I would easliy suggest that all South African non-profit organisations make use of this new social network, even if it is just for the payment facility. At just under $70 a month it almost seems a no-brainer. To find out more about how to implement GivenGain and other social media platforms into a complete Non Profit Organisation internet marketing strategy please take a look at our presentation Social Media for Social Good.

Internet Marketing for Non-Profit Organisations

Here’s the dilemma, people don’t use google to search for non-profit organisations to donate money to. The solution: Online marketing for Non-Profit Organisations needs to revolve around community. Enter social media!! Social media offers an opportunity for organisations to promote their cause to a wide variety of people on a technological platform that speeds up the process of “word of mouth.” This technology (facebook, twitter etc) has made it easier to spread your message wider and garner support from groups of people that are not in your physical network. The real power of social media comes in when your support base is no longer geographically constrained and you are able to promote your message across borders. Further to this, as your support base grows it does so with an atmosphere of excitement because it is spread organically and naturally. In other words, people love the work you do and they love to tell everyone else. So how do you market your non-profit organisation online. Build a social media platform and strategy to distribute your message to the public Invite like-minded people to the platform and encourage them to spread the message to their networks Create actionable elements to your campaigns that achieve the results you’re looking for Repeat steps 1-3 The best way I can describe what you are doing when marketing your non-profit in social media is with this analogy. It’s like giving your message to the people in your world, neatly gift-wrapped, so that they can tear it...

Building a platform to generate non-profit funding

Steve Wirth is a full time missionary with Youth With A Mission based in Cape Town, South Africa. He is involved with the training, equipping and ministry in the area of Prayer, Intercession and Worship and is also a huge fan of coffee and a song writer and poet. In essence Steve is a non profit entity who relies on funding from people who support his ministry. Steve faces many of the same challenges that Non-Profit organisations face in raising funds and communicating with their interested supporters. The most important tool on the internet that Non-Profit organisations need to adopt is blogging. Blogging is the perfect platform for keeping your audience and proud supporters up to date with your project. In addition, a blog can double as a website and a place where people can offer financial support. The key is to remind people about your vision and to show progress with your projects. In some cases (like with Steve Wirth) you blog can even be used to show a bit of your personality. includes reviews on music and coffee which are Steve’s passions in life. The campaign developed for Steve Wirth included establishing a blog and training him on how to manage the updates and implement good SEO practice. Then we have ensured that the blog is the centerpiece of all his communications by linking all the blog updates through to Facebook, Twitter and a monthly email marketing campaign. Essentially Steve needs to concentrate only on his blog...

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