Mike Saunders Recognised on Top Digital Marketing Experts List

With many digital marketing agencies and experts on the scene, receiving international recognition deserves to be celebrated. Inbassador, an Austrian-based brand ambassador solution provider, recently recognized DigitLab’s CEO, Mike Saunders, on a list of Top Global Digital Marketing Experts & Influencers in 2019 You Should be Following. They handpicked thirty digital thought leaders from around the world, with Mike being one of two South Africans being highlighted. Talking with Inbassador’s Head of Content, Melissa Chetty, Mike shared his thoughts and predictions for the future of digital marketing. “Businesses are realising that one digital solution doesn’t fit perfectly and will embrace the API business model,” said Mike, looking at trends to continue into 2020. “Influence is incredibly important, and brands should be looking to nurture long term brand trust instead of buying short term social media influence.” Being recognised as a role model for young digital marketers, Mike also had these words as advice for those aspiring to get into the field: “Let your first step be to critically assess the problem your clients face. Solve their problem first, then implement the digital solution. Too many businesses fail because they implement technology first without considering the solution to their problem correctly. DigitLab is incredibly proud of its CEO for being publicly recognised for his contribution to digital marketing. Be sure to check out the rest of the list of experts and influencers here: https://inbassador.io/digital-marketing-experts/

Social Media Strategies: Nurture Advocacy

Building advocacy has always been a priority for brands in the past and today is no different. Brands engage social media influencers to become brand ambassadors or to help distribute content to a wider audience. However, social media provides a more valuable opportunity for brands. As Meghan Whalen Turner says, “Sometimes if you want to change a person’s mind, you have to change the mind of the person next to them first.” Social media presents the opportunity to build and nurture relationships at various levels of advocacy for the brand. The common plan is to look towards recognised social media influencers, which is akin to celebrity marketing albeit, more cost-effective. We can and should look further though. When looking to building and nurturing brand advocacy online we should look towards: Mega and minor celebrities Social media influencers Journalists Our customers Our employees All these people and more can provide and nurture brand advocacy. Outlined below is a framework developed at DigitLab that looks at how you can start nurturing your social media influence, instead of always having to buy it through campaigns, influencer fees and giveaways. Step 1: Identify To identify the influencers with whom you wish to build a relationship with, you first need to identify your ideal target audience: Who do you want to be speaking to? How old are they? What are their interests? What are their online behaviours like – which social platforms are they on? Which part of the consumer journey would you like to influence them...

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