Treat ideas with contempt

‘m an ideas man. I love the brainstorming, out the box thinking, stringing together concepts and frameworks, finding opportunity and finding gems. Its who I am, and it’s my happy place – my safe place. Being an ideas man has stood me well as an entrepreneur. I have always found it easy to navigate new ways around problems. There is, however, a big lesson that I have learnt that does not come easy – not all ideas are good ideas. Most ideas are bad ones. I sunk two million in a bad idea a few years ago and I have run with many other bad ideas. Yes, I have learned from each one, but I wish I didn’t have to – I wish you don’t have to either.

Celebrating the 500th Tweet

This article will become my 500th tweet on my primary twitter profile @mikeasaunders. A rather momentous occasion as I have found it to be a pivotal area of my Social Media marketing. Twitter has been very slow to take off in South Africa which begs the question ‘what value is there in twitter for South African social media campaigns?’ I believe that would depend entirely on what you goals are for your campaign. Who is your target market and what technologies are they comfortable using. South African twitter users are primarily tech savvy individuals. There would be very little benefit promoting soap through a twitter channel however a software product may achieve a greater level of success. In my analysis of this marketing medium I have noticed a few fundamental ingredients to setting up a twitter profile that achieves it goals. The fundamentals have been evident in almost every twitter profile I have seen succeed. Using these fundamentals to your advantage could see your following grow and goals realised. Focus Focus Focus This first is the simplest concept in marketing and yet the one that people struggle the most with. Focus! Your product or service offers something unique to someone and that USP is what carves its place into the hearts of your consumers. Give you Twitter profile the same USP and let it elbow its way into the minds of people and become valuable to them. Good marketers know that you must promote the features of a product that...

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