Moments of Truth

When marketing in a digital world we need make the most of each moment of truth. Moments of trust are any point at which your customer interacts with your business. Over the past few years business has found that there are four moments of truth that matter in building a great consumer experience that promotes the sale of your products and services.

Zero moment of truth: A term coined by Google in 2011, it refers to the research which is conducted online about a product or service before taking any action i.e. searching for mobile reviews before making a purchase.

First moment of truth: When a customer is first confronted with the product, taking place either offline or online. Procter & Gamble describe the first moment of truth as the “moment a consumer chooses a product over the other competitors offerings”.

Second moment of truth: When a customer purchases a product and experiences its quality as per the promise of the brand. There can be multiple second moments of truth for every time the product is consumed (used), providing the consumer with information for future purchases and for sharing their experience with the product/service.

Third moment of truth: Consumers feedback or reaction towards a brand, product or service i.e. consumer becomes brand advocate and gives back via word of mouth or social media publishing.

In this presentation we will look at each moment of truth and discuss how we can make the most of each of these moments.

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