Innovation 4

Innovation is the heartbeat of an organisation, helping to breathe life and longevity into what you do as well as contribute meaningfully to performance. Whether you’re innovating on your core business model to diversify profit streams or adding new products to an existing lineup, innovation is a complex undertaking that organisations invest in and embark on.

The content of this presentation is developed from Mike’s whitepaper – [download id=”59932″]. It uncovers the following innovation imperative and challenges:

  • Researching and finding new opportunities
  • Turning opportunities into ideas that will succeed
  • Refining and shortlisting ideas
  • Managing the tension between operational and innovation gears
  • How to speed up innovation by taking it – outside
  • How to bring successful innovation back into the business and why you should
  • The core disciples of innovation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

This presentation draws from case studies and personal experiences in implementing innovate projects. Mike has drawn together ten years of innovation practice together and presents it in this informative presentation.

At the end of the day, innovation is hampered in large organisations and we need to find ways to innovate despite the big business mentality. This presentation will explore how that is possible.

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