“His talk on “Love Your Work” is truely inspiring and motivating!”

After writing The Five Year Mark Mike started being asked to share the lessons in the book as motivational presentations for businesses. It was while he spent time with these businesses that he began to realise that so many people weren’t happy in their jobs.

In his own experience, he has learnt that ‘loving your work’ is more about how you manage your own life rather than how people manage you. Love your work is a presentation that explores and details why and how people can change their inner narrative to begin loving their work again.

Motivational Presentations

Only 13%

of people feel happy in their jobs.

I believe this should be a crime. More than that it is fast becoming clear with the invention of artificial intelligence that human beings will face a major challenge in the future – finding meaningful work.


in a personal “over a cup of coffee” style 

Mike has written more than fifty lessons which speak to vision, leadership, operations, personal development, culture and more.