Social Media: Beyond the Content Plan


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  • Release date: 20 March 2019


Content plans definitely have their place in the eco-system of a social media strategy, however, for many it’s become the single essence of their online presence and this is concerning. Content plans push us towards distribution thinking. Distribution thinking does not build trust, which is the bedrock of good relationships. The power of social media is not in likes and comments. The power in social media is that it builds relationships. 

In this presentation Mike shares a few ways that we can break beyond the content plan in our social media strategy and start making the most of this incredible technology that our customers use every single day. 

The Presentation Covers These Ideas

Apply the 80/20 rule

Twenty percent of your marketing is, most likely, contributing to eighty percent of your return. Instead of trying to be everywhere, tracking and measuring all your initiatives will help you find the twenty percent that counts.

improve the trust equation

All of these advances in social media have made it easier to build relationships online. At the heart of building relationship lies the currency of relationships – trust.

nurture advocacy

This framework looks at how you can start nurturing your social media influence, instead of always having to buy it through campaigns, influencer fees and giveaways.

embrace the mosh pit

We need to understand that social media is the mesh (or mess) between our channels; it affects and feels the effect of everything the brand does.

Are you the cause of your negative sentiment online?

Brands need to think carefully about their response strategies and relook at the way they speak to customers online.


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