Hooked on Tech


  • Category: Technology
  • Release date: 20 March 2019

People everywhere are hooked on tech in one way or the other, and this presentation unpacks exactly what that looks like and what it means to us as humans and our business. We start by looking at how our brain has adapted due to its exposure to technology. We dive into the good, the bad and the ugly.

Then we dive into digital and generational archetypes and how they approach and utilize the digital economy everyday.

Finally we close the presentation with a deep dive into consumer trends that are shifting thanks to the impact of digital.

Hooked on Tech is your guide to knowing how to effectively define and communicate to your target audience in the digital age that we find ourselves.

Philippa Dods
Philippa Dods Marketing Manager at Meltwater

Mike presented an excellent online Webinar for Meltwater clients on Understanding Your Digital Consumer. It was a pleasure to work with him - Mike was efficient, punctual and professional in the preparation and recording of the Webinar. In addition, the content he presented was full of relevant research and insights for our audience. Thank you Mike!


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