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The Official Humancentric Course

About this Course

Today, a lot is spoken about the need to ‘digitise’ and that if you ‘want your business to succeed’ you’ll digitally transform your business.

However, if you just ‘put’ technology into your business, all your business challenges won’t just magically disappear. You need to use that tech to make your processes and procedures more efficient.

Also you need to carefully choose the type of technology in your business. Just because it’s more expensive doesn’t mean that it’s the best solution for your business. For example, you may not need the package with 50 licences if your organisation only has 10 employees.

Mike Saunders, who is the author of HumanCentric course has many, many years of experience in digital marketing and the implementation thereof. In this course, he recounts cases – which he has come across in his company – and shows students how the team at DigiLab dealt with these so that they can apply similar solutions to their companies.

What you’ll learn

  • What the effects of technology having become completely embedded in our lives are.
  • Why businesses often have an unhappy experience.
  • What challenges businesses are facing in the era of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’.
  • What businesses (that are succeeding in their mobile ventures) are focusing on.
  • What the idea of ‘authentic loyalty’ centres around.
  • What the ‘dark side’ of crowdsourcing is.
  • Which phenomenon gave rise to JOMO and why.
  • Which forms of harm big data is responsible for.
  • How the ‘internet of things’ is defined.
  • Which factor may determine the success or failure of the IoT system.

Praise for the HumanCentric author-led course:

“Easy to digest, it felt like I was sitting with the author, having an in-person chat about the fascinating subject, and come away with a better grasp of one of the interesting business marketing dynamics of our time.”

“HumanCentric eloquently and clearly explains the need and means for business to bridge the gap between the digital space, and the real people it touches. Demonstrating a depth of expertise in the field of digital marketing, the Mike Saunders expands on concepts like AI, IoT, and the Fourth Industrial revolution, and how to align the power of technology and digital business narrative to the needs and trust of the people they are designed to serve.

“HumanCentric is a timeless read that will take what you know about business and digital, and elevate to another level. As someone who works within the digital marketing space, I found this book incredibly insightful and have definitely applied aspects of the book to my everyday work life.”

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