We are proud to announce that EasyBiz Technologies has partnered with digital agency DigitLab. EasyBiz, an authorised Intuit QuickBooks local partner in Southern Africa, offers online accounting software targeted at small to medium businesses. By partnering with entrepreneurs, who often have limited time and experience with managing the finances of their company, EasyBiz creates partnerships reaching

Are you struggling with low levels of profitability in your business model? What’s going wrong? Well, there could be a few issues that you may want to think about addressing. It is, but… You might find that your business is actually profitable, you’re just not gaining any benefit from this. The reason that’s usually the case

A brand identity embodies your company and everything you stand for, and it’s also an effective way of differentiating your business from its competitors. Instantly recognizable and associated with a positive consumer experience, a unique brand identity can be the key to success. Many people assume a company’s brand identity starts and finishes with its logo,