Gretchen on building better habits

I’ve always seen our ability to progress in life is to steal from the things that mean less to us for what’s more important to us. Time is finite, if we want to be a family man then we should steal time for our family from other things less important. I liked this idea because it forces us to be clear about our desires, something that is well addressed in this book. 

I had been introduced to Gretchens Four Tendancies model earlier this year and bought the book hoping it would shed some like on how each of the tendencies could adopt good habit forming strategies. I found the book a bit light in the regard however near the end it proved to educate me on a few strategies I had not thought of before, so it was well worth the read.  

All in all I’d recommend this book to anyone looking to develop better habits.  I was just hoping for more guidance on helping to develop habits in others, which was only explored briefly in the last few chapters. 


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