I have always been a fan of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as it always the key factor of success in almost every conflict situation or leadership challenges. Time and time again I have found this to be true. So picking this book up seemed like a good way to get a wider understanding of the subject. 

The book is a very easy read and covers the basics of Emotional Intelligence with practical tips on how to improve your EQ. Some of the tips seem a little random but I guess anything out of your comfort zone will. 

What I really liked was the online test that’s included in the book. You get a voucher in the book that gives you access to the test. Once completed you get a short breakdown of your EQ levels. Whether you are doing well or not in respect to the four quadrants of EQ, self awareness, self management, social awareness and relationship management. It was really great to know where I should be focusing my attention. 

All in all is a simple read, with simple philosophies, that provides a good base understanding of Emotional Intelligence and what you can work on.

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