The Tech Factor

Building the future:

Navigating technology & business in a disruptive world

Business people are all in the business of creating the future. We create new businesses, grow them and scale them into the future. This is a presentation about how to get that right, looking at case studies, personal experiences and insight from the most successful companies and entrepreneurs in the disruptive age.

It shows how technology is an imperative aspect of business growth in three primary business stages. Looking at how to innovate, grow a market for your innovation and then scale your business. Summing up how we can successfully make the most from innovation, scale and growth in our businesses.

"Mike is energetic, direct, ambitious and has a strong opinion. He presents well and gets the point across with ease."

- Marius van den Bergh - Vodacom

The Presentation Covers These Ideas

The Tech Factor explores the success factors for business in three phases of business. The innovation phase, the growth phase and the scaling phase.Each phase asks for a different set of skills and technology. They drive for different core competencies and tech opportunities. We unpack each of these in three sections:


Looking at how innovation creates the future. We discuss key success points of innovation and how technology makes all the difference.


Technology in the growth phase of business provides exponential opportunity to grow a business quickly through social, web and software technologies.


Agility gets harder when you're bigger. We look at how businesses can leverage technology to remain sensitive to their markets, become agile and achieve higher profit ratios.

"Mike is an insightful and gifted person who will bring you cutting-edge thinking when it comes to both understanding and navigating the future of information and communication technology." - Keith Coats, TomorrowToday

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