The Marketing Hack

Mastering digital through Innovation, Growth and Scale

Advertising killed the digital star. We have boxed it and made it conform to our environment. It’s time we woke up and saw the potential in digital to redefine the future of our business.

We need to get over our fears, build structures for success and proactively lead our businesses and brands to create the future. Digital is a key aspect to our ability to succeed and this presentation explores how we can revive the digital star and help it find its rightful place in marketing our business.

"Mike's knowledge of the topic and presentation skills and the way in which he interacted with those present was of a very high standard. He kept the attention of the group at all times. I would not hesitatte to recommend him for presentations."

- Andrew Carlson,  CEO of Institute  of Certified Bookkeepers

The Presentation Covers These Ideas

Why Digital?

A strong reminder of what really matters in the digital landscape. Using digital to break into new markets, differentiate and connect.


Different digital strategies apply to different phases of your business and marketing objectives. We explore how to use digital in your innovation, growth and scaling phases of business.

What Broke?

Exploring why and how digital potential has not been found. Where did we go wrong and how can we fix it.

Gearing Digital

The complexity is that we often have different projects at different business phases. We provide a framework to mange these digital projects with the right digital leverage to succeed.

"Mike presents with humour and energy" - Barrie Jack

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