Most Popular Keynote Presentations

Mike delivers customised presentations for your conference around the following topics:

The Marketing Hack

Advertising killed the digital star. We have boxed it and made it conform to our environment. Its time we woke up and saw the potential in digital to redefine the future of our business.

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Love your work

With the amount of time we spend working we should be able to find work that excites us and inspires us. This presentation helps people see that they are in control of how much they love their work. It motivates your workforce to reignite their passion, and their love for what they do.

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The Tech Factor

Business people are all in the business of creating the future. We create new businesses, grow them and scale them into the future. This is a presentation about how to get that right, looking at case studies, personal experiences and insight from the most successful companies and entrepreneurs in the disruptive age.

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Digital Lifestyles

An entertaining look at six different personality types or digital lifestyles, we explore the technologically handicapped to the digital influencers. All of whom have some part of their lives entertained with a digital experience.

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The Millennial Persona

This presentation will unpack seven Millennial Archetypes that can be used to understand the Millennial generation in more depth. It helps delegates understand the diversity and individuality of this generation through examples, case studies and stories about this misunderstood consumer group.

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Slay Your Culture

The millennial generation has many people wondering what makes them tick. Their potential is massive however, they are often left unguided in organisations because they confuse older generations. Inherently corporate organisations, and even small boomer orientated businesses, struggle to unlock the potential in millennials.

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