Change Agent

[Chejnj ey-juh nt]
People who act as catalysts for change

Forever excited by the potential of technology, Mike has become a professional at driving change. He’s been at the forefront of the Digital industry since 2009. Driven by a desire to see businesses progress in their understanding of digital, Mike has founded businesses and community forums to better support the digital industry.


Digital Marketing

Mike started DigitLab in 2010, to help companies deal with the transition towards digital and social media marketing. As an entrepreneur and businessman, Mike has built DigitLab into one of South Africa’s premier digital marketing companies.

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Digital Swarm

Mike founded #DigitalSwarm in 2015. It aims to fuel the growth of the digital marketing industry. It allows industry leaders to share their ideas and knowledge, and take the lead in transforming digital marketing.

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DigitLab Academy

Mike built the DigitLab Academy to accelerate digital knowledge inside organisations. The academy aims to both educate marketers and support the academic industry with reputable digital strategy educational material.

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Raising Digital Citizens

After many conversations with concerned parents, Mike collaborated with a psychologist to create the "Raising Digital Citizens" eBook which aims to help parents transition to a digital age.

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