Digitlab is a digital consulting agency – though we’re probably unlike any other agency you’ve ever worked with or for. Central to our core beliefs is how we approach problems – once we take the business opportunity you’ve presented to us, we aren’t just the executors of a plan, but the champions of your success. You can rest assured that if we find a better, more efficient way of doing things, we’re going to let you know and run with it. We are as committed to your success as you are!

We pride ourselves in the diverse team we’ve built – from the creatives, designers, developers and programmers, strategists, technologists and writers. Digital is in our DNA, so expect us to steer the conversation that way when you have a conversation with us! Our team hails from a divergent range of experience, and we consider it a strength to have some many varied perspectives – that way, we can be certain to challenge the impossible with a fresh, new idea.

In 2015 Mike launched The Digitlab Academy; to educate marketers and support the academic industry with sound digital strategy education material. A powerful partnership with Vega, School of Branding, saw over 150 people run through the academy in its first quarter. Today The DigitLab Academy educates over 1000 people a year.

Digital Swarm, a nationwide digital community that fuels the growth of the digital marketing industry is another brainchild of Mike’s. The swarm hosts quarterly events in Durban and JHB and has attracted speakers from SA’s top brands like KFC, AXE and Google.

A mobile technology platform that is created to develop entrepreneurship in the South African community through creatively delivering a loyalty programme that actually makes a personal difference in peoples lives.

A Non-Profit Company whose aim is to support Africa’s entrepreneurs in creating businesses that add value to peoples lives and the African economy. Its a work in progress and we are looking for partners to help us scale this work.

Created as a vehicle to deal with the lack of black female representation in the digital industry. The Kuvithe Trust is a trust that aims to educate, unearth and inspire women in the digital industry. We are in the process of bringing partners together on this project and if you would like to join us on this journey please get in touch