• ‘It’s the small wins that count’ – How to make every day productive

    Entrepreneurs are often dubbed workaholics because of how hard we work. I think we should work hard but only on the things that matter. We should not be caught up in busyness, but rather focus on business. Our attention should be caught by our dreams, aspirations and vision – not someone else’s. If we don’t […]

  • Why we don’t delegate and how to start

    A leader is constantly in need of people around them who can make things happen. The trouble is that many of us don’t lean on those people around us and we therefore end up focusing more of our time in the business instead of on the business. This is a standard issue problem that most […]

  • Three fantastic time management techniques that will change your life

    2011 is drawing to a close soon and as I look back I have been able to say that it was a relatively successful year. I have managed to meet all of my business targets and I have enjoyed every moment of the year. I am often asked about my time management techniques and I […]

  • 3 lessons from the Global Leadership Summit

    As a businessman I have become acutely aware that my ability to lead is directly related to the growth and success of any business I run. This has lead me to read as much as possible on leadership, follow top leadership professionals and attend conferences where I can learn more about successful leadership. The Global […]

  • The trick to managing information overload

    Such true words when it comes to the digital media. People have become overwhelmed by the wealth of information and the speed of communication that exists on the internet. I have come across many people who ask me how to manage the information & communication flow on the internet so that it becomes an effective […]

  • Create a more productice office environment

    Saw this and had to share it. Some really great productivity points made in this video.

  • Five tips to beating social media overload

    Yesterday I was emailed over facebook by a follower of this blog. I still get a kick when people touch base and tell me that they actually read everything I write up here. The gentleman that emailed (lets call him Frank) wanted to know how to manage all your social networks and still have a […]

  • Invest in your employees

    I have noticed that small and medium businesses are taking less interest in their employees as they focus on trying to get their business engine running. These businesses are placing less value on their employees and the result is that their employees are placing less value in their employer. Small businesses tend to exploit talented […]