• Marketing Products on Social Media

    Historically, product orientated businesses have struggled in social media circles. A focus on product promotion and sales have meant that these social presences have, historically, been very bland and boring. I mean, let’s be honest and acknowledge that a product page on a social network isn’t a top destination for people to go when looking […]

  • Effective Influencer Marketing

    Essentially, through any influencer marketing project, your brand is hoping to piggyback on a relationship that another has already built up with your ideal target market. And much like how someone wouldn’t introduce you to their friends in a good light unless they already had some sort of good relationship with you – it makes […]

  • Are you dragging your own brand sentiment down?

    It is possible that you are bringing your own brand down. That you are contributing to your own negative sentiment without even knowing it. The more research I do in this area the more I see it. Brands need to think carefully about their response strategies. Someone is upset with your brand and you respond […]

  • Designing a SMART Customer Experience

    The digital world has disrupted our marketing worlds and changed the way business communicates with its customer. Social media has opened the door to two-way conversations, data gives us a better understanding of our market and mobile makes our message more accessible to the general consumer. Over the past few years we have placed much […]

  • How to protect your kids from cyber bullies

    Countless children around the world are desperately unhappy and many have committed suicide because of cyber bullying and online blackmail. Just last month 12-year-old Rebecca Ann Sedwick jumped to her death in Florida because a barrage of online hate from two fellow schoolmates left her feeling worthless and despised. Her mother had closed her down […]

  • What does it take to succeed in a Digital World?

    One of the biggest game changers in business (and life) this century has been the introduction of the internet. The internet created a world of connection, a world where its easier to connect and faster to connect. We’re connected to information and people which has lead to business moving quicker, consumers changing faster, messages spreading […]

  • Technology innovation that is changing lives

    Technology is only as valuable as value that is perceived by its user. The technology that impacts the future are technologies that people adopt and use. These are the technologies to watch. There are many of these technologies on my list at the moment but I only have time/space to share two with you. 3D […]

  • Social Media and Recruitment

    Finding a job has never been a simple process and finding the right person to join your company is like finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately the rise of social media is making it easier for companies and candidates to court each other. Those candidates that use their online presence to ‘beef up’ their […]

  • Three Strategies for Digital Marketing

    Over the past few years, I’ve been working at refining a number of digital marketing strategies. We’ve found three fundamental strategies that can be used in isolation or integrated. I speak about these strategies in some detail in the video below and will also share an excerpt below the video of the original article on […]

  • Mobile Marketing and Social Disruption

    I am currently in the middle of a simple series exploring mobile and the impacts it has in life, work and society. When asked to look at the future of mobile I believe that you need at look at three main aspects: The internet of things Social Disruption Infrastructure In my last post I presented […]