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  • Improving the relationship between data analysts and marketers

    Data analysts and marketers historically have not needed to work closely together… today, that has changed. Data analysts have become some of the most valuable people in your marketing team as they can help brands understand consumer motives faster, build intuitive interfaces and trigger customer actions, all by using data effectively. In our last Digital […]

  • How Data Helps Marketers Be More Innovative

    Is it possible that marketers are out there raving about how data is the future, yet secretly hiding behind ‘data complexity’? All signs point to yes, and this is because they have not yet found out how to harness data in their marketing initiatives just yet. In essence, we believe in the impact of data […]

  • How to Innovate Faster in Marketing

    It was Steve Jobs who coined the phrase, “Computers are like a bicycle for our minds”; suggesting that much like a bicycle, computers would help people move quicker to the destination once you apply effort. Jobs saw the computer as an enhancer to human capacity instead of a replacement. I have a similar belief that […]

  • Three Strategies for Digital Marketing

    Over the past few years, I’ve been working at refining a number of digital marketing strategies. We’ve found three fundamental strategies that can be used in isolation or integrated. I speak about these strategies in some detail in the video below and will also share an excerpt below the video of the original article on […]

  • Google Panda chews on fresh content

    Google Panda is the latest update to Google’s Search algorithm. It basic role is to eliminate low quality websites from search engine result pages. Anton Koekemoer shows us in his blog post on Google Panda that the trick to working with Google Panda is to consider the user first. I think this is key to […]

  • Google is looking at your social network to find great content

    I have written about this before in How social media affects search results but it is worth repeating. Google is now looking at your social connections to decide which content will be valuable to you or not. For example, I will always prioritise leadership articles that have been retweeted by Keith Coats. The reason is […]

  • Content Strategy: Keeping it fresh

    A while ago I posted an article on the DigitLab blog that spoke about the need to use fresh content in your online marketing strategy. I believe this is one of the most integral elements of any successful marketing campaign. Keeping this in mind I decided it would be worthwhile to share a few comments […]

  • Digital Business Shifts in Recruitment

    As the Internet makes a bigger impact on the recruitment industry we are starting to see recruitment agencies enter into a second state of disruption in South Africa. The first state of disruption that the recruitment industry experienced due to the internet lead to the creation of Job’s Boards and career websites like Career Junction. […]

  • South Africa’s Top Websites in 2011

    I am always interested in how South Africans use the internet. Last year I wrote an article on the Top 20 Websites in 2010 and we found that South Africans were primarily interested (in general) in information, entertainment and money. This year a few interesting developments may provide interesting insight into internet usage in South […]

  • Banner advertising stats not matching up?

    I often have clients asking why the traffic stats they get from google are so different to the traffic stats they get from their banner advertising service providers. It is important to understand how Google Analytics works. Google Analytics only measures the click from users who can accept a cookie on there computer system. GA […]