• Improving the relationship between data analysts and marketers

    Data analysts and marketers historically have not needed to work closely together… today, that has changed. Data analysts have become some of the most valuable people in your marketing team as they can help brands understand consumer motives faster, build intuitive interfaces and trigger customer actions, all by using data effectively. In our last Digital […]

  • How Data Helps Marketers Be More Innovative

    Is it possible that marketers are out there raving about how data is the future, yet secretly hiding behind ‘data complexity’? All signs point to yes, and this is because they have not yet found out how to harness data in their marketing initiatives just yet. In essence, we believe in the impact of data […]

  • Authentic Loyalty Through Brand Utility

    Gone are the days of promoting your brand, of talking it up as the coolest brand around so that the customer loves you. We are now in the age of the empowered consumer, and these customers are skeptical of traditional marketing tactics, all they see is a gimmick. Traditional loyalty schemes don’t work anymore, as […]

  • User journeys are broken

    Fifty digital enthusiasts tucked themselves into a trendy venue in Durban to discuss ‘Design Thinking’ and ‘User Experience’ at our latest edition of Digital Swarm. During the evening we discussed the importance of the digital journey. We found that the journey isn’t about point A and point B – the bit between points A and […]

  • Understanding the Millennial Persona

    The Millennial generation is set to be the largest generation to have ever existed, and it has been said that by 2017 Millennials will be spending more than $200 billion in total per year. Today we need to acknowledge that the Millennials are growing up and are active in the workplace, and as they quickly […]

  • Designing a SMART Customer Experience

    The digital world has disrupted our marketing worlds and changed the way business communicates with its customer. Social media has opened the door to two-way conversations, data gives us a better understanding of our market and mobile makes our message more accessible to the general consumer. Over the past few years we have placed much […]

  • Mobile Marketing and Social Disruption

    I am currently in the middle of a simple series exploring mobile and the impacts it has in life, work and society. When asked to look at the future of mobile I believe that you need at look at three main aspects: The internet of things Social Disruption Infrastructure In my last post I presented […]

  • Digital Publishing shows promise of finding loyal customers

    Most printing companies and print media houses are trying to work out how to find there rapidly disappearing customer base. We are all aware that the declining customer base in print medium are moving to the digital realm but we are unsure how to meet them there. Customers exposed to online media are wanting more […]

  • The loyal iPhone customer gets a boring upgrade experience

    I bought my first iPhone about three years ago. It was a 2G phone. They were the best phone on the market at the time and it was a wonderful experience to use it on a day to day basis. Needless to say I became a fan and convinced many of my friends to buy […]

  • What cupcakes teach us about great customers experiences

    The world of customer experiences is becoming more and more complex as business begins to understand the need to create niche experiences that mean more to their customers. I recently ready and article in Fast Company about how a cup cake business has redefined the mom-and-pop shop by using twitter. Now that kind of story […]